Divorce Child Custody Alimony Division of Matrimonial Asset Adultery Claim 离婚 孩子抚养 赡养费 婚姻资产分配 通奸诉讼

Divorce Child Custody Alimony Division of Matrimonial Asset Adultery Claim 离婚 孩子抚养 赡养费 婚姻资产分配 通奸诉讼


Divorce Child Custody Alimony Division of Matrimonial Asset Adultery Claim 离婚 孩子抚养 赡养费 婚姻资产分配 通奸诉讼

Joint Divorce 协议离婚
Single Divorce 单方离婚
Dissolution of Marriage (Void or Voidable Marriage) 解除婚姻 (无效婚姻 或 可撤销婚姻)
Custody of children 孩子抚养;抚养权
Guardianship 监护;监护权
Access / visitation 探望;探望权
Maintenance of children 孩子的赡养费
Division of matrimonial assets / properties 婚姻财产分配
alimony or maintenance of spouse 配偶;妻子的赡养费
Adultery 通奸
Recognition of Foreign Decree / Divorce in Malaysia (regarding marriage solemnized in Malaysia and registered under Law Reform (Marriage And Divorce) Act 1976 外国离婚证书/法令

Documents Required For Application Of Joint Divorce 
协议离婚申请 所需文件

1) Marriage Certificate 结婚证书
2) NRIC of spouse 配偶的身份证(若有)
3) Birth Certificate & NRIC of Child / Children 孩子的报生纸和身份证
4) Name and address of nursery/kindergarten/ School / Education Institution (Child / Children) 托儿所、幼儿园、学校、教育机构的名字和地址(孩子)
5) Matrimonial Assets Details (Matrimonial House; Properties; Bank Accounts; Vehicle 婚姻资产的资料(婚姻屋子,产业,银行户口,车等等)

Procedures For Joint Divorce Application 协议离婚申请程序

1) Collate documents (Marriage Certificate etc) 收集文件(结婚证书等等)
2) Discuss with a lawyer joint divorce terms 与律师讨论协议离婚条件
3) Prepare court documents for joint divorce application 准备协议离婚相关的法庭文件
4) Arrange execution of court documents 安排签署文件
5) File court documents in High Court 呈交文件去高等法庭
6) Obtain sealed court document and a date for Hearing 获取盖章的法庭文件和庭审日期
7) Attend the Hearing by a lawyer 律师出席庭审
8) Court allowed joint divorce application 法庭批准协议离婚申请
9) Apply for Decree Nisi; Court Order and Divorce Certificate 申请离婚令;法庭令和离婚证书
10) Furnish sealed Divorce Certificate and Marriage Certificate to JPN (Marriage & Divorce Department) 提供盖章的离婚证书和结婚证书给位于国家登记局里的婚姻及离婚部门

Arrangements regarding Children

1) Guardianship 监护
2) Custody 抚养
3) Access / Visitation 探望
4) Accommodation 住宿
5) Maintenance (Living Expenses) 赡养 (生活费)
6) Education / Schooling Fees 教育 、学校费用
7) Extra Curriculum Activities Fees 课外活动费用
8) Medical Expenses 医药费
9) Insurance 保险费
10) Bank Accounts 银行户口

Legal Grounds For Breakdown Of Marriage / Divorce Under Law Reform (Marriage & Divorce) Act 1976
法定的婚姻破裂 、离婚理由 (依据离婚法律)

1) Separation For At Least 2 Years 至少两年分居
2) Desertion For At Least 2 Years 至少两年遗弃
3) Adultery 通奸
4) Intorelable Behaviour 无法容忍的行为
Reference To Marriage Conciliatory Body 婚姻辅导

1) Joint Divorce Application 协议离婚申请 - Not Required 不需要

2) Single Divorce Application 单方离婚申请 - Required 需要: Section 106(1) Law Reform (Marriage And Divorce) Act 1976 

当事人可以自行向登记局(Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara) 的离婚部门(Bahagian Perceraian) 申请婚姻辅导。不然,当事人可以委任律师向该部门提交申请。


如果双方都出席和完成婚姻辅导,位于登记局(Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara) 的离婚部门(Bahagian Perceraian) 将会发出辅导证书 (Perakuan Badan Pendamai / Certificate of The Conciliatory Body)('JPN.KC29')

如果只有一方出席辅导,登记局(Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara) 的离婚部门(Bahagian Perceraian) 会发出 ‘JPN.KC28'.

无论你获得’JPN.KC28‘ 还是 'JPN.KC29’ 都可以寻求律师协助,处理单反离婚申请。

Exception(s): Section 106(1), proviso

a) Petitioner has been deserted by and does not know the whereabouts of his or her spouse 申请者被抛弃和不知道配偶的去向;
b) Spouse is residing abroad and it is unlikely he or she will enter the jurisdiction within 6 months next ensuing after the date of petition 配偶居住在国外,她或她不太可能在申请日期后的下一个 6 个月内进入司法管辖区;
c) the Spouse has willfully failed to appear before a conciliatory body 配偶特地不出席婚姻辅导;
d) Spouse is imprisoned for a term of 5 years or more 配偶被监禁 5 年或以上;
e) Spouse is suffering from incurable mental illness 配偶患有无法治愈的精神疾病; or
f) the court is satisfied that there are exceptional circumstances which make reference to a conciliatory body impracticable 法庭接受在某些特殊情况下援引婚姻辅导是不切实际的.


Application For Decree of Nullity (Dissolution of Void or Voidable Marriage) (申请解除无效或可被撤销的婚姻)

A marriage is void if:
1) at the time of the marriage either party was already lawfully married and the former husband or wife of such party was living at the time of the marriage and such former marriage was then in force;
2) a male person marries under 18 years of age or a female person who is above 16 years but under 18 years marries without a special licence granted by the Chief Minister under Section 10 of the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976;
3) the parties are within the prohibited degree of relationship unless the Chief Minister grants a special licence under Section 11(6) of the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976; or
4) the parties are not respectively male or female.

A marriage is voidable if:
1) the marriage has not been consummated owing to the incapacity of either party to consummate it;
2) the marriage has not been consummated owing to the wilful refusal of the respondent to consummate it;
3) either party did not validly consent to the marriage (duress, mistake, unsoundness of mind etc);
4) either party was at the time of marriage a mentally disordered person;
5) either party was suffering from venereal disease in a communicable form; or
6) female was pregnant by some person other than the married spouse at the time of marriage.

5 Considerations For Division Of Matrimonial Assets Under Section 76 Law Reform (Marriage And Divorce) Act 1976

1) Financial contributions towards the acquiring of assets
2) Contribution in kind
3) debts owing
4) minor children's needs
5) marriage's duration

Assessment Of Spouse's Alimony / Maintenance Under Section 78 Law Reform (Marriage And Divorce) Act 1976 配偶;妻子的赡养费

1) parties' means and needs
2) degree of responsibility for marriage breakdown

Legal Knowledge Sharing:
1. 通奸的法律定义是牵涉男和女 (至少其中一方已婚);两者不是对方注册的夫妻;和自愿下发生性关系。
2. 刑事法典里没有“通奸“的刑事条文,所以不是刑事罪。
3. 可是,任何男人(第三者)利诱 (entice) / 带走 (take away) 已婚女士;第三者是知道女士已结婚;第三者有意愿要和女士发生性行为;就算是得到女士的同意;会因此抵触
最高判罚: 两年监禁或是罚款或两者兼施。
4. 1976年法律改革婚姻和离婚法令,第54条文阐明“通奸“是其中一个可以被法庭接纳为导致婚姻破裂的原因。
5. 离婚诉讼和通奸诉讼会一起审理。
6. 若“通奸“而导致婚姻破裂被证实,会间接影响配偶赡养费的事宜。
7. 要在法庭证明“通奸“的法律标准很高 :beyond reasonable doubt (毫无疑问)。不能只是嫌疑和只是个机会犯这错。
8. 相关或有利的“通奸“证据包括直接的证据(direct evidence); 旁证 (circumstantial evidence) ; 人证。
9. 关于通奸是否导致婚姻破裂,通奸产生的时间点;受害者是否已给予通奸者宽恕都是重要的考量因素。
10. 1976年法律改革婚姻和离婚法令,第58 及59条文阐明因条件导致婚姻破裂的受害者可以向“第三者“索赔;而赔偿不能有惩罚性的。

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